Paperwork Needed




  • General Mortgage Documents 


  • *Most recent one-month paystubs
  • *Most recent two-year W2
  • *Most recent one-month bank statements (all pages)
  • *Most recent statement from investment statements, 401K, IRA and other retirement accounts (all pages)
  • *Front & Back of your driver license
  • *Front & Bank of your green card or visa if not U. S. citizen
  • *Insurance policy, bill, or contact information
  • *If self-employed or commission based, most recent two-year tax returns (1040s with all schedules)
  • *Homeowner Association Condo contact name and number
  • *Human Resources Dept’s contact name and number
    • Refinance



      *Most recent one-month mortgage statement for the subject property

    • Purchase



      *Fully Executed Purchase and Sale Agreement
    • *Earnest Money Deposit with Real Estate Broker


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